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YKD Camping "Land"

Be Nature


It‘s not a secret that Lithuania is a wonderful country, it’s recognized by all nature lovers: pure air, clear lakes and rivers, beautiful forests. We, city people who barely be out in nature or prefer all-inclusive resorts and comfortable beaches spend most of our time inside our homes. Even when we’re out we remain the same people from the city. 


Camping is the perfect way to reunite with the nature again, especially if you choose to sleep in the tent. There’s no other place where you’ll see as much stars in the clear sky. 


We decided to establish the campsite, as this place is located in the one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania, near the Asveja Regional Park, where you can find peace of mind. Wake up to the chirping of birds, breath in the fresh air and enjoy your summer at YKD camping “Land”.


At our campsite we are waiting for the brave travelers of all ages, couples, groups of friends, families or single tourists from Lithuania and all over the world. Come with a camper or with a tent and enjoy the nature: sunbathe, take a dip in the pond, take the stroll in the woods. 


Disconnect from the fast rhythm of the city, meditate, immerse yourself in your mind. Watch the stars at night, stay up by the campfire on a warm summer evening. Wake up at the break of dawn and watch the first sun rays. 


YKD camping “Land”, a cozy resort in the wildness, near the Asveja Regional Park, 40 km from Vilnius is waiting for everybody who loves nature, appreciates its natural beauty and knows how to enjoy the peace. Here, it’s easy to relax, regain strength and energy.  



About the region

The village of Sidabriai, next to which YKD camping "Land" is located, borders the Asveja Regional Park, one of the largest and the most beautiful nature reserves in Lithuania. In the heart of the park lies the magical lake Asveja, the longest and the deepest lake in Lithuania. 200 meters from the campsite begins a forest in a regional park with the hundreds of tracks. To the nearest bank of Asveja - about 1.5 kilometers. The town of Dubungiai is 5 km away. Moletai Highway is 5 km away. The new paved road 2812 leads all the way to the campsite. 

The area


The area is very cozy and looked after, fenced and full of light, sunny meadows and fields, convenient places for campers and tents with fireplaces. There’re hammocks among the trees under the open sky with a great view of the nature of Asveja Regional Park. 

The pond


There’s a natural 17-acre and 6-meter-deep pond with the pier, the beach, low and high banks, aquatic fauna and flora.

The administration

The campsite is managed by the owners of the homestead in the same area who will take care of each guest, provide all of the necessary information about the campsite, all standard and additional services, tell about the environment and how to have a good time outdoors.

The amenities


The summer terrace with beanbags, electric sockets, parking, pier, hammocks, swings, summer shower, washbasin, toilet, fireplaces with benches, barbecue, tables with benches, badminton and volleyball playgrounds.







Accommodation in newly furnished bungalow.


"Bungalow" is a unique wooden cabin hidden in a giant tent in the shape of a hexagonal pyramid, accommodating 1-4 people, next to which is a fireplace, a table with benches, a barbecue.

Accommodation in the "Bungalow" is especially suitable for true nature lovers, looking for coziness, relaxation and peace, as well as those longing for new impressions and challenges, wanting to surprise a loved one or organize a memorable family adventure...

The open space ground floor area has two sofas that can be used as a single beds, seat bags with a coffee table, high table top with shelves, small fridge, kettle, drinking water in bottles, coffee-tea, crockery and utensils. 

On the second floor under the dome of the "Bungalow" there is a cozy mansard-type bedroom with a double bed. All sleeping places have bedding sets. 

An outdoor dining table with benches, a fireplace and a barbecue, which will serve you as an outdoor kitchen during your stay, are set near the "Bungalow". The "Bungalow" has electricity, window blinds, mosquito nets. A shared toilet, a summer shower and a washbasin table are located nearby, about 20 meters from the "Bungalow".

Guests of the Bungalow are subject to the general rules of the YKD Camping "Land", e.g. When they free the campsite, the guests pick up the garbage themselves. Please also be careful when using the stairs to the second floor. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your children.

A reservation is required for arrival, which will be confirmed by e-mail / phone after prepayment.

Cancellation is possible no later than 14 days before the day of arrival.


Arrival - from 1pm.

Departure - until 11am.


One-time fee for 1 person - 3 €.


Bungalow for 1-2 guests:

1 day- 59 €/day.

2 days- 56 €/day.

3-7 days- 53€/day.

8+ days- 50€/day.

Bungalow for 3-4 guests:

1 day- 69 €/day.

2 days- 63 €/day.

3-7 days- 58€/day.

8+ days- 54€/day.

E.g. 1: For two nights 2 people will pay (3x2) + (56x2) = 118 €.

E.g. 2: For five nights 4 people will pay (3x4) + (58x5) = 302 €.


Your campsite includes:
A place for a tent with a fireplace, a table with benches and a barbecue.
One-time fee for 1 person - 3 €.
Tent (up to 2 people) - 19 € / day.
For each additional person - 6 € / day.
E.g. 1: For two nights 2 people with one tent will pay (3x2) + (19x2) = 44 €.
E.g. 2: For two nights 3 people with one tent will pay (3x3) + (19x2) + (6x2) = 59 €.


Your campsite includes:

A place for a camper.

One-time fee for 1 person - 3 €.

Camper (up to 2 people) - 23 € / day.

For each additional person - 6 € / day.

Electricity - 4 € / day.

E.g. 1: For one night a family (4 people: 2 adults and 2 children) with one camper, with electricity connected to the camping network will pay (3x4) + 23 + (6x2) + 4 = 51 €.
E.g. 2: For seven nights one couple (2 people) with one camper, with electricity connected to the camping network will pay (3x2) + (23x7) + (4x7) = 195 €.

Camping without overnight stay

In our camping you can have a good time even without an overnight stay. Book a campsite and come.

Your campsite includes:

A table with benches, a fireplace and a barbecue.

1 person - 8€.

Arrival to the camping area - from 12am.

Departure from the camping area - until 12pm.



Firewood - 6 € / bag.
Coffee / tea - 2 € / cup.
Sleeping bag - 5 € / day.
Tent - 5 € / day.
Skewers (6 pcs.) - 2 € / day.
Grill grates - 2 € / day.


Children under the age of 2 stay for free at our campsite.

You can come with your pet, but there are a few rules: always keep the pet on a leash, don’t leave the pet without your supervision and keep the area clean.

When they free the campsite, the guests pick up the garbage themselves.

The only place to play with the ball is in the open, where there are no young tree seedlings or other plants.


All guests are asked to follow the rules – do not make noise, respect the nature and the other guests. Those who do not follow the rules will be immediately expelled from the campsite without a refund.


Arrival to the camping area - from 1pm.

Departure from the camping area - until 12am.